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In many ways, a good glass of wine is every bit about the experience that surrounds it as it is about the beverage itself. Its why we tend to romanticize a the notion of sitting outside on a balmy summer evening, a gentle breeze wafting through the air, a lovely varietal or blend clutched in our hand and a smile curled on our lips.

Of course, we all know that some experiences are better than others. And there are precious few experiences in the greater Los Angeles area that match the sublime joy of launching the weekend with a glass of wine at the Barnsdall Art Park. For those that know of the Barnsdall, they know it is home to one of the Southland’s most spectacular panoramic views as well as Frank Lloyd Wright’s brilliant and newly renovated architectural icon Hollyhock House. For those that don’t, what else is there to say other than you’re missing out?

Barnsdall Wine 2Regardless of your prior knowledge of Barnsdall’s goodness, you can come by every Friday evening during the summer and partake in a fete simply known as Barnsdall Friday Night Wine Tasting. This weekly event, whose proceeds go toward the Bansdall Art Park Foundation, beckons guests to indulge in a selection of boutique, small production wines as curated by the good folks at SilverLake Wine. Additionally, this family friendly event will feature a wide array of specialty food trucks, music spun by KCRW’s DJ Dan Wilcox, and special art workshops for the kids. And of course, guests get to take in one of the area’s most unforgettable sunsets.

The first of these sublime events is scheduled for May 23rd and will run through September 5th. The event is slated to run from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Tickets are $25 and must be purchased online at http://www.barnsdall.org/events/friday-night-wine-tastings/. Space is limited, so get involved. For more information, please visit www.barnsdall.org.

Photos courtesy Barnsdall Art Park

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